In the document, we can read about it Calling up Russian nationals from the reserves in 2022 to undergo military training in the Russian Armed Forces, State Security and Federal Security Services.

The Government and regional authorities were instructed to ensure that procedures regarding the appointment of training camps were implemented. The decree, signed by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, enters into force on the day of its publication.

TASS emphasizes that training reservists are planned tasks that increase combat skills. It has also been noted that they are held annually.

On the basis of the decree of the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Defense prepares the appropriate directive. It is sent to offices focused on registration and employment, and then starts sending in training applications.

Russia. What are the reservists waiting for?

The total time of military training for reserve soldiers may not exceed two months. Military training, in which a citizen of the reserve takes part, cannot exceed 12 months. In addition, persons in the reserves may not be called up for military training more than once every three years.

When did Vladimir Putin sign the previous decree on the appointment of reservists for military exercises? This happened in April 2021.

Tensions continue to rise on the border between Russia and Ukraine. US President Joe Biden said: – Russian soldiers have surrounded Ukraine now, and Russian forces are planning to attack Ukraine in the coming days, and their target is Kiev.