Sony has confirmed very high player activity scores on PlayStation 5. New console owners are playing far more than PS4 customers, and are even willingly purchasing items for the new platform. The company confirmed interesting data.

Sony is preparing more PlayStation 5 games And the New productions from in-house teams of the Japanese company, But you can be sure that the company is very pleased with the current activity of players on the next generation.

A Sony spokesman confirmed this Since the next-generation release, gamers are more likely to spend their free time playing PS5 games than the same period after the PS4 debut. Interested people also buy more products:

“From launch to the end of March, users spent 81% more time on console than Playstation 4 in the corresponding period 2013-2014. Likewise, in the first five months, the PS5 sold 11% more units than previous units.”

Of course, Sony understands that it is global events and lockdowns that helped achieve these results. In fact, on all PlayStation platforms, fans spent 20% more time in March than the same month last year.

It should come as no surprise that the Japanese company wants to seize the opportunity to offer players more positions that could further improve these results. Interest in the PlayStation 5 is huge, so the manufacturer is ironing out and it’s hot.