Sony has just confirmed interesting news. Players will be able to use DualSense controllers while playing Remote Play on Apple devices. This will allow interested people to draw handfuls of PlayStation 5 on the screens of the American company.

Sony is still developing the PlayStation Remote Play and players can transfer their gameplay from, say, PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 to their PC or tablets. The Japanese company does not give up on the idea and we just received interesting news.

As of today, Remote Play supports DualSense controllers, which we can use during the game on “many Apple devices”. In simple terms, this means that the functionality will now allow us to play, say, the new Devil Spirit on the iPad screen with the latest PlayStation 5 tablet in our hands:

The company assures that players must ensure that the equipment is properly updated, but this is not a big surprise, because in this case, the company constantly informs about it Players should remember the latest firmware.

“ Any device that supports iOS 12.1 or higher supports PlayStation Remote Play through on-screen controls. Devices that support iOS 13 support DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller via Bluetooth, and devices that support iOS 14.5 or higher can use the DualSense Wireless Controller via Bluetooth . “

PlayStation Remote Play also works on Android smartphones and tablets, and computers (Windows and Mac). Just make sure the devices are connected to the same network:

“PS Remote Play allows you to download and play PS4 and PS5 games, switch between games, and display your console’s home screen and menu on any compatible device connected to the same broadband network.”

It is worth remembering that PS5 Remote Play has arrived on PS4 And in this case Players can use DualShocks 4.

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