It seemed as if nothing could go wrong. After all, Jump Force is a huge mix of characters from famous anime brands like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya czy JoJo’ Bizzare Adventure. However, the project did not live up to Bandai Namco’s expectations.

Spike Chunsoft, which launched in 2019 (the Switch diversion came a year later), will be phased out soon. In 2022, Jump Force will lose not only support in the form of network infrastructure. The game will cease to be shown in digital distribution by Bandai Namco, and this also applies to the DLC or microtransaction system.

The Japanese publisher has already announced it On February 7, 2022, sales of Jump Force and expansions for this game will be discontinued. On this day we will find not only the game itself, but also all the DLC packages released in digital distribution systems such as the PS Store. However, the address servers will be closed August 24, 2022

Jump Force was already losing popularity after its premiere in 2019. Production was not attracted by ratings in reviews. The title got average 5/6/10 Na Metacritic (The average score from users of this website is only 4.3/10). Switching to the Switch, which was released in 2020, didn’t bring production popularity either.