One developer was planning to go wild and put the PS5 devkit on eBay. Similar actions in the case of older devices are no surprise, but given the current generation device, the auction was interrupted and removed.

We saw the first image of the PS5 dev console in December 2019. since then Additional material has seen the light of day And Cooling details are displayedBut no one has tried to sell a Sony device on eBay yet.

At auctions you will find kits for different platforms, but it is always old equipment from previous generations – some collectors are ready to increase their collections by purchasing unusual items. But we don’t usually see a situation where anyone wants to sell a current-generation model. It hasn’t been a year since the PS5 premiere and many developers may still be trying to get hold of the hardware. It’s not an easy affair, but there are many indications that someone was trying to earn.

The Devkit PS5 appeared on eBay, and there were even willing customers, but the auction was stopped – most likely by Sony. We can suspect that the manufacturer does not want to distribute the devices through unofficial channels.

After all, let’s take a look at the photos of the unit and the two black DualSense controllers available in the set.

PS5 devkit hit eBay - 2

PS5 devkit hit eBay - 3

PS5 devkit hit eBay - 4

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