Tokyo Olympics 2020 – results of the 13th day. On Thursday, the Polish team did not improve its medal achievements, and Dorota Borowska was the closest to the podium in the C-1 competition, who finished fourth. Check out what happened and how the Poles performed on the 13th day of the Tokyo Olympics.

  • On the thirteenth day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Polish team did not improve its medal achievements
  • The closest to success was Dorota Boroska, who finished fourth in the C-1 . competition
  • What happened on the thirteenth day of the Tokyo Olympics? Check what the Poles did

Dorota Boroska She was the only pole in the A final in rowing. Our medal contender fought to the finish in the 200m in the C-1 competition, but in the end Ukrainian Liudmila Luzan was 0.082sec faster. Marta Walchikevich I Justina Eskrzica They did not enter the decisive battle at K-1.

The luck of white and red was variable on the carpet. Full Rebeki lost 1: 6 to Egyptian Hussein Amr Reda Ramadan in the first round of the Olympic wrestling championship in the 74 kg category, while Rebeki lost 1: 6 to Egyptian Hussein Amr Reda Ramadan Roxana Zasina In Class 53, despite defeating Japan’s Mayu Mukida, and thanks to this player’s good behavior, she will have another chance to replay in the upcoming rounds. In it, he will face the representative of Cameroon, Joseph Emilian Isombe Tiako.

IO Tokyo 2020 – Results on day 13 including Poles

There was a lot going on on the athletics field. Marcin Lewandowski Due to injury, he did not finish the semi-finals in 1500m, a Michai Rosemes In the same competition he lost his shoes and finished in last place. The Polish national team lodged a protest, it was accepted, thanks to which the 26-year-old will appear in the final. Mission completed without any issues with the women’s 4 x 400m relay Anna KubaskaAnd Ega Baumgart WitanAnd Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik I Justyna Święty-Ersetic The white and red teams won their series and the third time they advanced to the finals. Only the Americans and Jamaica were faster. in septal Adriana Suchek was 16 Paweł Wiesiołek 12.

The cyclist also did not perform well on the track Simon Sagnokwho finished 16th in the Omnium competition.

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