Maciej Czarnicki of Gazeta Viborcza spoke of the visit of “perhaps the greatest star of the right-wing media in the United States, Tucker Carlson, in Budapest”. The Fox News journalist has already met Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and he is expected to appear in a few days at the Conservative Party, which will be attended by Urdu Vice President Joris Timothyszic. In the article, Cherniki conveyed voices from the American media who were afraid of Carlson’s visit to Hungary. However, it is hard not to feel that the mood is similar in Cherska.

Tucker Carlson in Hungary

How is Charnicky portrayed by a Fox News journalist?

Brotrum, who often misrepresents the facts, is accused of racism and sexism who leads Fox, a close political relative of the man who, by rallying nationalist slogans, transformed Hungary from a democracy into a soft autocracy.

– wrote Cherniki, who also stated that the journalist did not hide his sympathy for Fides.

The American has been looking for inspiration in Hungary for some time. In 2019, he said that “instead of abandoning young Hungarians to the ruthless libertarianism of George Soros and the Clinton Foundation, Orbán decided to help Hungarian families thrive.”

-We read.

An international coalition of the populist right

According to Chernicki, the visit of a Fox News journalist is “another opportunity to build an international coalition of the populist right.” Orban is also expected to benefit from the US media’s interest in the journalist’s visit to Hungary. Perhaps this “building an international coalition for the populist right” is Gazeta-Yiburcza’s most worrisome issue. The journalist also quoted blogger Ruth Ben-Gyatt who described Urban as “one of those current leaders who can boast the greatest successes in creating electoral authoritarianism”. Fear is growing as the Republican Party approaches its footsteps.

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This is where the Republican Party is moving, accelerating the Trump presidency’s agenda to undermine our democratic freedoms and institutions, Ben Gyatt warns Americans.

-We read.

Then comes an excerpt from an article on MSNBC’s website Zeeshan Aleem, who also expressed concern about Carlson’s visit to Hungary.

At a time when Trump is destroying trust in American democratic institutions and powerful intellectuals openly debate the need for a coup to confront the left, the idea of ​​MAGA forces finding their mentor in Hungary is terrifying,” Zeeshan Alim echoed on MSNBC.

– Cherniki calls.

This week Hungary hosts FoxNews star Tucker Carlson. Broadcasting from Budapest, he met Orban, and will be serving at a conservative party this weekend ahead of Vice President OrdoIurisTymoteuszZych. A true right-wing international

—Written Czarnecki.

What can ‘GW’ horror show Carlson’s visit to Hungary? Is this due to the growing power of the conservatives who decided to unite?

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