Will Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship improve soon? Everything points to it. The brothers wish to participate in an exceptional event and pay homage to Princess Diana together.

Recently, there is talk again of a connected relationship Prince William I am Prince Harry. Contact takes place occasionally between brothers and they also differ on some points. However, all signs indicate that their relationships have a chance to warm up a little. According to foreign media, the conference will be attended by the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex The unveiling ceremony of the Princess Diana statue, That is, their mother tragically deceased. We know when the event will take place. Moreover, his history is not a coincidence!

Will the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry improve? Everything points to that!

British royal family expert Russell Meyer appeared on Friday (which is very popular in the UK) Lauren And he admitted it Prince William and Prince Harry want to attend the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue in Kensington Gardens. The event – not by accident – will take place on July 1, 2021. On this day, Diana Spencer will celebrate her 60th birthday.

“I can tell you that both William and Harry would like to meet on July 1st when the Princess Diana memorial is unveiled in Kensington Gardens,” admitted Russell Meyer, an expert on the British Royal Family in Lorraine.

The expert does not suspect that the aforementioned event and the tribute Prince William and Prince Harry want to push together for Princess Diana may have a positive impact on their relationship. Hence: bring them close to each other again.

Russell Meyer said of Lauren, “This could be a turning point in the brothers’ lives.”

Remember that during Oprah Winfrey’s emotional interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Diana’s younger son Spencer has said, among other things, about the relationship he currently has with his brother. “We are following completely different paths now,” he admitted, and at the same time emphasized that he loves Prince William very much.