In the final days of President Donald Trump’s administration, the US Department of Defense added new Chinese companies to its list. This means that US citizens and companies cannot invest in PTE companies. One of them was the Cellular Giant & Hairsp; – & hairsp; Xiaomi.

All shareholders were required to be listed on the “Chinese Communist Military Corporation” list Xiaomi To sell. The Chinese company did not agree with the decision and promptly took the case to the District Court of Columbia.

On March 12, a US court banned the US Department of Defense from implementing or enforcing the designation of Xiaomi as a Chinese Communist military company.

The court found that the Ministry of Defense had failed to show sufficient facts to prove this Xiaomi It is a Chinese communist military company. At the same time, the court noted that the two-page management memorandum, on the basis of which Xiaomi was identified as a military company, is insufficient, and the text of the relevant section 1237 mentioned in it is cited incorrectly.

He added, “We believe that the decisions to recognize it as a Chinese Communist military company are arbitrary and unjustified, and the court agreed to this position. We plan to continue to demand the court to declare the name illegal and to remove it permanently.” – Xiaomi wrote in the information sent to Komórkomania Editorial Office.

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