Prince Harry is demanding the police protection he needs while in Britain. He would even be able to pay for security out of his own pocket. Was Meghan Markle’s husband afraid to travel to his country?

british royal family It is very popular all over the world and is the most media property in history. Unfortunately, media reports are often associated with scandals surrounding Queen Elizabeth II. One of the biggest is conflict
Prince Harry I
Meghan Markle With the rest of the family. The most rebellious American couple moved to the United States, gave up official jobs and cut their roots. At the same time, she criticized the atmosphere in the monarchy with harsh words, alienating even her relatives. In a raucous interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan and Harry claimed that the pressure of the family spoiled their psyche.

The so-called “megset” means that Markle and her husband are now considered American celebrities rather than members of the monarchy. The consequences of their decisions were, among other things, the loss of police protection to which they were entitled. However, it turns out Harry will still have that privilege. The prince’s spokesman said the 37-year-old was asking for police protection to be reinstated because he felt unsafe while in the UK.

Prince Harry wants to protect the police in Britain. What is Meghan Markle’s husband afraid of?

A spokesman for Prince Harry said he was asking for police protection, without which he would not have felt safe in Great Britain. He cannot visit his homeland without ensuring the safety of his family.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are personally financing their family’s private security team, but are unable to re-establish the necessary police protections while in the UK. Prince Harry and his family cannot go home because of not doing so (…) Prince Harry’s goal is simple – to keep him and his family safe while in Britain so that his children can learn about their father’s homeland. – We read.

Harry was supposed to offer to pay for the security out of his own pocket, but his offer was turned down.

The Duke first offered to pay in person for British police protection for him and his family in January 2020 at Sandringham. This offer was rejected. Still willing to cover security costs so as not to overburden UK taxpayers – The speaker reveals.

According to “The Guardian”, the prince has taken legal steps to resolve the case. He is set to seek judicial review of the Home Office’s decision not to allow the Sussex family to receive police protection while he is in the UK.

– cIf the case develops, it will lead to a court battle between the government and Harry. This will be the first time that a member of the royal family has filed a lawsuit against the government today – We read.

Let us remind you that when Harry traveled to his hometown to unveil the statue of Princess Diana, his car was chased by paparazzi.