Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are considering returning to Britain. It turns out that they had such an idea from the very beginning, but were waiting for the right moment. One condition must be met. It’s about Prince Charles.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been living in the United States for two years, relocating after officially giving up their jobs in the royal family. During this time, Megan did not visit her husband’s country once, although Harry visited Great Britain several times. Given the feelings that the spouses revealed during a noisy conversation with Oprah, it is not difficult for the American actress to be surprised by her dislike for her husband’s family. Many observers of Meghan and Harry’s behavior may have thought their banishment from the UK was final. It turns out, however, that this is not necessarily the case.

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Harry and Meghan return to the UK? There is one condition

Although Harry and Meghan’s stay in the United States was the perfect solution to their previous problems, it wasn’t as comfortable as it might seem. The couple hid in the Hollywood Palace in Montecito, where it turned out that the poetess was annoyed by the stench and neighbors who had no special affection for the prince and his wife. Recently, there was information that the couple is planning to sell their socket worth 14 million dollars. Now, in turn, one of the royal family experts argues that Harry and Meghan are seriously considering returning to Great Britain.

As Tom Quinn reveals in the To Di For Daily podcast, the former American couple have long considered returning not only to Britain, but also to royal duties. The only requirement is that Prince Harry be part-time. Such a situation might come as a surprise, as it seems clear that being a prince is not a full-time job, but rather a duty and duty to devote entirely—it seemed unacceptable to Harry.

However, Tom Quinn is convinced that it is possible to perform his duties in this way, but only when the throne is already in the hands of Prince Charles. Moreover, the expert assures that Harry and Meghan very much want to return to the royal family, but they know that during the reign of Queen Elizabeth this will not be possible, so they are waiting for its end, believing that Harry’s father will be more progressive. of the current monarch.

Will they come back already? Their Instagram account is still waiting!