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One of the most beautiful Polish actresses, Joanna Opozda is from Busko-Zdrój, but has been living in Warsaw for several years. There, she also decided to buy an apartment, which she posts pictures of on her Instagram from time to time.

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At first glance, you can see that the star prefers modern style and simple aesthetics. Bright interiors and practical solutions prevail, while the character of the apartment is created by stylish and modern decorations.

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How does Joanna Obozda live? The actress shows the interior design on Instagram


The heart of the apartment is undoubtedly an open plan living room decorated in bright colors. The main element is a large and comfortable sofa, decorated with decorative pillows with geometric patterns. Two charmingly designed tables with mirrored surfaces and gold finishes attract attention. the floor Covers a soft and fluffy rug, making the interior warm and comfortable.


The actress tries to protect her privacy, so it’s not easy to find pictures of her bedroom. However, some frames show that bright colors and cute motifs also dominate this room.


Although the apartment of Joanna Opozda is not particularly large, the actress skillfully uses smart solutions that visually expand the space. The best example is adults mirrors placed in the hall.

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view from balcony

An important element of the apartment is a spacious balcony overlooking the urban part of the city. Comfortably furnished, it can be an extra room to relax in the summer.

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