As Europe faces its biggest security crisis in decades, and when Europe’s sister democracy is under attack, Poland and the United Kingdom support each other. We consider ourselves one of the closest European partners and are determined to tackle the challenges of the future together Andrzej Duda and Boris Johnson wrote.

We agreed that we would propose the creation of a joint Polish-UK commission that would support Ukraine in the long-term coordination of arms deliveries and training, as well as assist Ukraine in identifying needs and modernizing the army, the statement emphasized.

The document also states that the UK will “triple its support to Poland to £30 million to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees temporarily in Poland”.

At 10 Downing Street, where the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is, leaders spoke face to face and then presided over the delegation’s discussions.

Before the talks, the President announced that he would provide the Prime Minister with information on the amount of aid – “humanitarian and material aid to Ukraine”. – We will discuss the joint actions that need to be taken to strengthen Ukraine and enable it to better defend itself Andrei Duda said. He added that the topic of the talks would also be support for Ukraine in the international arena through an “increasingly tough and tough sanctions regime against the Russian aggressor.”

We agreed with Prime Minister Johnson that we need tougher sanctions that are actually more effective. There is a proposal to impose additional taxes on raw materials imported into the European Union in order to stop deliveries The president announced after the meeting. He added that, as Poland, “we assume that we will stop using Russian sources by the end of the year. We mobilize our partners to look for alternative solutions.”

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As previously confirmed by Minister Jacob Komouche, the President’s visit to London is the result of last week Telephone conversation between Andre Duda and Boris JohnsonInitiated by the Prime Minister of Great Britain. He stressed that the Russian aggression against Ukraine clearly demonstrated how close the positions of Poland and Great Britain are on matters related to security in Europe.

The President of the Republic of Poland was also accompanied in London by KPRP ministers, Bawi Soloch, Bawi Szrut and Jakub Komoc, as well as Marcin Przydakz, Under-Secretary of State for American, Asian and Eastern Policy and Security at the State Department. Affairs, the Polish ambassador in London Piotr Wilczyk.

Press Office of the Consulate of the President of the Republic of Poland / Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London