Some have been using it for years, while others are familiar with a tool like PowerToys. The Microsoft application extends / improves many functions of the Windows system, and the latest version offers two useful novelties.

Dealing with certain activities on Windows (as well as on other platforms) can be quite annoying, so it’s really helpful to have access to additional software. It facilitates or shortens many activities and also opens up new possibilities. Microsoft can integrate these add-ons into Windows, but sometimes they conflict with default solutions, and for many people it will not be necessary to complicate the basic functions of the system. For more advanced users, which probably include the majority of Antiveb readers, these will be basic options that will speed up and facilitate many activities.

The list of options in the PowerToys app was quite extensive and included, among others, FancyZones, Awake, expanding the capabilities of Windows Explorer, quick changing of images or mass editing of file names. The first mentioned functionality allows you to create predefined sizes and layouts of windows, which can be used immediately when organizing the working environment, while the second, among other things. It prevents the computer from going to sleep for a certain period of time. Today it’s hard for me to imagine working with a Windows PC without PowerToys and I wouldn’t mind having a separate app. Thanks to this, Microsoft can develop it and add new functions much faster than including them in Windows updates. This is evidenced by the two new features that have just been added that you must like.

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Always on top – the new PowerToys option for Windows

The first allows you to keep the indicated window always on top using a keyboard shortcut. This is what the function itself is called (Always On Top), and in the settings we can, among other things. Change the combination of keys we use to activate this option. When working with many programs, we often need to always have a specific application window in front, for example a calculator, so that we can work with different sources of information at the same time, while maintaining the ability to perform operations in the delimiter. Window. By default, it is the key combination Win + Ctrl + T – when pressed, the window has a blue border and remains visible at the top even when performing some actions in other application windows. The same key combination deactivates the “Always on Top” option.

Search the web quickly with Spotlight For Windows – PowerToys Run

The second feature is called PowerToys Run and although it’s not entirely new, because it was introduced a couple of years ago, it’s now got one of the most interesting integrations. The virtual Alt + Space key combination activates a small search box in the middle of the screen (just like Spotlight on macOS) and until recently was able to search for files and applications on the system. From now on, it can also be used to quickly search for passwords on the Internet. After entering the phrase, we can select the Internet search option from the list in the default browser window. A great solution when you need specific information while navigating, etc., because you only need to press two keys at the same time and you can enter what you are looking for – remember, however, that by default, to narrow your search on the Internet, you must precede the phrase with two question marks (This can be changed to Settings).

After this news Powertoys For me it is one of the first applications that should be installed on a new computer / after reinstalling the system and I think those who did not know it or bypass it will change their mind now, because it is really worth it.