According to Italian media, the Scala dei Turchi – the so-called “Turkish staircase”, is a favorite of locals. Sicily, but also tourists who visit the island. According to the research of experts, snow-white limestone cliffs were poured with water with red powder – iron oxide. So most likely the damage will not be permanent. This is evidenced by the fact that the dirt has already disappeared in the line that the sea waves reach.

Sicily. Vandals failed to climb the white “stairs of the Turks”

The red liquid was poured over the cliff on Saturday, January 8 at night. employment So far The culprits are unknown, however police I Prosecutor’s Office They browse through surveillance recordings in the hope that one of them will capture the perpetrators.

– The magnificent white cliff of Scala dei Turchi in the Agrigento region, a magnet for tourists from all over the world, has been shamefully destroyed. We condemn the authors of this cowardly gesture, which is an insult not only to the value of a rare landscape, but also to the image of our island. I hope the judiciary will quickly identify the culprits – citing Sicilian President Nello Musumeto, The Portal Run, run, run.He. She. The politician confirmed that the local authorities have been fighting for years to protect and secure this place from destruction.

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Vandals destroyed the Scala dei Turchi in Sicily. For years, there has been a dispute over land ownership

Scala dei Turchi, or “Turks Staircase,” are limestone cliffs near the town of Porto Empedocle, near Agrigento in southern Sicily. Every year, tourists flock to the island to see the white cliffs steeply descend into the turquoise sea. The shape of the staircase is naturally sculpted by nature – distinctive indentations are formed in Results procedures It’s rainingWind and sea waves.

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The name, in turn, refers to a local legend that the Saracens (nomadic tribes of Arabs), generally known as “the Turks”, anchored their ships near the cliff, seeking shelter from storms. Unfortunately, some of them used limestone stairs and attacked the neighboring towns.

In February 2020, the prosecution took control of the “steps of the Turks”. The cause was a long-running property dispute between the municipality of Realmonte and the local landowner.