With Cardinal Gabriel Zubair Waco reaching 80 on February 27, the number of cardinals eligible to vote in the Conclive fell to 127 – seven more than the 120 limit set by Paul VI. In 2021, five cardinals will be 80 years old.

In 2021, five of the other Cardinals will turn 80 and thus will no longer enjoy the right to vote at the Secret Meeting: Cardinals Wilfred Fox Napier, George Bell, Morris Piatt, Benjamino Stella and Angelo Scola.

This means that by the end of the year, the number of cardinals entitled to vote at the secret meeting will decrease to 122, raising questions about whether Pope Francis will appoint more cardinals.

The 101 Cardinals were appointed by Francis

During his pontificate, Pope Francis drastically changed College of Cardinals. In seven years, he convened seven cardinals (one per year) and created 101 new cardinals, 79 of whom could vote at a secret meeting, and 22 not because they were over 80. In turn, St. During the twenty-seven years of his Pontificate, John Paul II held nine churches, on average once every three years.

Many observers of the Roman Curia believe that looking at The method of work Pope Francis and the Generational Change in Korea, the Pope will likely decide to expand the College of Cardinals to 130 and hand over a red blanket to the new rulers in the Vatican cemeteries.

The successor to Cardinal Robert Sarah – whose resignation was accepted by Pope Francis in recent days – is likely to be a non-cardinal and in need of a red hat.

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Changes in templates

Cardinal Benjamino Stella, 79, will leave the clergy complex when he turns 80 in August. Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi, president of the Catholic Education Complex, is now 77 years old and will retire soon. Cardinal Marc Aoule, president of the Congregation for Bishops, is 76 years old. Cardinal Louis Ladaria, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is also 76, and Cardinal. Leonardo Sandri, president of the Congregation of Eastern Churches, is 77 years old.

The head of the Vatican City administration, Cardinal Giuseppe Bertillo, turned 78 in October last year.

This meant that the Pope could appoint six new rulers of the Roman Curia, in all positions traditionally headed by cardinals.

This, coupled with ongoing reform and restructuring in Korea, will give Pope Francis the opportunity to expand the College of Cardinals so that he has a greater impact on his successor.

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