During Wednesday’s meeting with bishops and priests from Sicily Pope Francis Raised his “harassment” issues regarding how the clergy had adhered to the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council – reported, among other thingsin. gates Angelos News And the catholic news agency. – How is the reform introduced by the Council? What about the liturgy? ask the head catholic church.

Will Pope Francis end his pontificate early? “appropriate occasion”

Francis for Priests: When your sermons are longer than eight minutes, people come out to smoke a cigarette.

– I don’t know how the priests from Sicily preach, because I don’t attend their Mass […]. Do they do that so people go out for a smoke and then come back because they’re in the sermon? a priest Talking about everything and nothing? question Francis. Remember that after eight minutes your attention is gone. People want content: the thoughts, feelings, and images they will carry throughout the week, appealed to the clergy.

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Pope Francis: It’s been 60 years since Vatican II and priests still wear lace robes

Francis drew attention not only to the length of the sermons, but also to the ancient style of dressing Sicilian priests. – Let me tell you something frankly. I don’t go to the masses here, but I’ve seen the pictures. And they, my dear, always have laces and hats… Where are we? 60 years on the board! It’s good to somehow update the liturgical art, this fashion liturgical – affirmed the pope. Yes, it’s okay to wear your grandmother’s laces sometimes, but only sometimes.

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