Next week in politics will include the parliamentary conclusion of work on the ratification of the Reconstruction Fund, which in practice means that the bill must be signed at the president’s office at the end of the week.

At the beginning of the week there will be a fixed summit of the European Council. – I asked the President of the Council of Europe to extend the agenda with a focus on immediate sanctions against Alexander Lukashenka’s regime – Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki wrote on Twitter. Carl Bildt drew attention to the prime minister’s interference in this situation. The Council’s Bureau confirmed that the item is on the agenda.

President Andrzej Duda has traveled to Turkey and Georgia, and Yaroslav Goen will conduct consultations with entrepreneurs on the Polish deal. Law and Justice MPs will refer to CJEU’s ruling on the Turów Mine, and the Civic Coalition is organizing conferences on “Preventing Privatization of State Forests by KO”.


RE Summit. European Union leaders will meet in person in Brussels on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the most pressing issues. They will focus on the state of coordination of the European Union’s response to Covid-19. They will discuss the European Union’s fight against climate change, conduct a strategic discussion about Russia, and discuss the European Union’s relations with the United Kingdom after the entry into force of the bilateral trade and cooperation agreement. – I asked the President of the Council of Europe to extend the agenda of the European Council to include a point on immediate sanctions against Alexander Lukashenka’s regime. – Informed Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki. The Prime Minister had a long telephone conversation with Charles Michel.

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PMM on the initiative of 70m2 homes. Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki will start the week by attending the Mass of Father Stanislav Urzychovsky. Later, it was planned to visit the Polish head of government to the housing company Wroclaw “MÓJ DOM” SA. The Prime Minister is set to promote the 70-square-meter homes initiative, which was announced in cooperation with the Polish government.

Law and Justice Act regarding CJEU’s ruling regarding the Turów Mine. On Monday at 8:00 am at the main gate of the lignite mine in Torów, there will be a press conference of MPs, members of the European Parliament from the Law and Justice Party, trade unions and local government officials regarding the position on the CJEU ruling ordering the suspension of mining at the Turów mine.

Polish deal consultations with entrepreneurs. There will be a press conference on Monday at 10:00 am, the topic of which will be consultations between the Polish deal and the businessmen. The event will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Goen and Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Anna Kornika.

Pedro upon arrest of Pratasevic. At 10:15 AM, there will be a press conference by Robert Pedro, opponent and partner of Raman Bratasevi at NEXTA Sciapana Puciła, and Polish-Belarusian activist Jana Shostak. Topic: Airplane hijacking and arrest of Raman Pratasevic.

KO on forest privatization. Today, press conferences will be held for members of the civic coalition on “Prevention of privatization of state forests by the KO” – 10:30 in Lublin, 11:20 in Radom, 12:00 in Słupsk, 12:30 in Gdansk and 2:00 in the afternoon In Ruda Raciborska.

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PAD in Turkey and Georgia. President Andrzej Duda and his wife will pay a state visit to Turkey on Monday and Tuesday. The visit plan primarily includes a meeting of the People’s Alliance for Democracy with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The presidential couple will visit Georgia on Wednesday and Thursday. The plan includes, among other things, participation in celebrations marking Georgia’s Independence Day, as well as meetings with President Salome Zurabishvili or Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

To the Constitutional Court on the act of stripping. Another hearing on the so-called Partition Cancellation Act, on the basis of which the retirement and disability pensions of former employees of PRL services were reduced. In turn, this week, on Tuesday at 11:00, the Constitutional Court is scheduled to deal with the issue of the Krakow Court regarding the reduction of pensions under these provisions.

The Senate to ratify the FO. The Senate will resume its deliberations on Thursday at 11:00. The senators will deal with the so-called Reconstruction Fund Certification Act, that is, the Act on Ratifying the Resolution Relating to the Special Resources System of the European Union. There are several indications that the Senate will add a preamble to the bill.

House of Representatives on the certification of FO. A day later, on Thursday at 12:00, the House of Representatives will resume deliberations to deal with the aforementioned amendments or the Senate amendment to the Reconstruction Fund Ratification Act. Thus, the legislative process ends and the bill is placed on the office of the president for signature.

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Out of curiosity, one can observe the post-pandemic Polish premiere, which will be shown in cinemas on Friday. The second half is a new Polish comedy film set in the world of sports. In the movie, we will not only see Cesare Bazora, Maciej Musiak, Muguruza Rozynik-Meghdan or footballer Grzegorz Krychowiak.

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