4K TVs are the norm in 2022. TV channels? of course not. But something is starting to change…

Buying a 4K TV in 2022 is not uncommon – the vast majority of receivers are available with this resolution. A frequent complaint directed at producers and sellers is the lack of content available in native 4K resolution.

This myth has been debunked many times, because 4K can be sampled for free, for example on YouTube, and for a (relatively) low fee, the most popular VOD services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney + or HBO Max offer additional support for advanced HDR formats. The comfort of watching this content is very high.

However, if you are buying a device with the intent of watching classic TV, we have good news because 4K presence on TV is on the rise. Starting with Euro 2020, broadcast in 4K HDR, we will soon be able to welcome a new 4K channel, this time directed to nature – I love nature 4k.

This Canadian channel is very popular all over the world and operates in countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Great Britain, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Russia, India, Argentina, Indonesia, Kenya, Philippines, Singapore and Paraguay. Soon he will reach Poland, and what is important, Part of the schedule will be available in Polish.

PasjaTV is responsible for the distribution of love Nature 4K channel in Poland. At the moment, we do not have many details about the entry of this interesting channel, but we can count on it in 2022. Let’s hope that with the change of the digital terrestrial broadcasting standard, other interesting channels will join the show that will have the opportunity to use the potential of the technology found in televisions .

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source: default mediaAnd satanvo 24