Polish women will participate in the final tournament for the first time in a new format, following the recent reform of the Federation Cup, introduced in 2020. Captain David Sylt’s side won the promotion in April, thanks to a 4-0 win over Romania in Radom. The world number one leader Iga Schweitek scored two points, one of which was Magda Linnett, and the final result was determined in the doubles by Magdalena Frosch and Alija Rusulska.

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The white and red teams occupy 15th place in the national team rankings and are third and weakest. They were not so lucky in the lottery. Group D with them as well as Czech and American women can be safely called the strongest.

The first group consists of: Switzerland, Canada and Italy, B: Australia, Slovakia and Belgium, and C: Spain, Kazakhstan and Great Britain, which start thanks to the “Wild Card”.

The group winners will advance to the semi-finals. In them, the best team from the “Polish group” will play against the winner of group A, and the winner of group B will play against the best in group C.

The competition, formerly known as the Fed Cup, was renamed the Billie Jean King King Cup in 2020 to honor the American, a 12-time Grand Slam winner, who was on the winning US team in the first edition of the team competition in 1963.

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In November last year, the Russians won the final tournament in Prague. However, they will not defend the title, since they were excluded from the competition due to the Russian military attack on Ukraine. Belarus, whose authorities support aggression, will not start for the same reason.

BJKC 2022 Final Championship Kits

And the: Switzerland, Canada, Italy

B: Australia, Slovakia, Belgium

A: Spain, Kazakhstan, Great Britain

Dr: Czech Republic, USA, Poland


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