Everything indicates that Skull and Bones will finally be released. What does this long-awaited title look like?

Ubisoft introduced Skull and Bones

Long live hacking! With this shout, Ubisoft Skull and Bones encourages. The game, as promised a few days ago, now has extensive advertising and presentation. Some might say that this is not an advertisement, because this advertisement was made a few years ago. It seems so, but later there were mainly less optimistic reports, the premiere was postponed several times, until work on the game resumed and people wondered if the entire project would end up in the trash. As it turns out, no. It was just hard to predict what we were going to deal with.

This is immediately explained by the developers (mainly Ubisoft Singapore, but some other teams are helping), who offer Skull and Bones as a multiplayer hacking game with an open world and survival elements. The work is scheduled to take place at the end of the seventeenth century, mainly in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Skull and Bones Trailer

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The goal of the players will be to lead the hero from a social outcast into the role of the pirate king, including developing your ship, expanding your crew and searching for valuable resources, of course also through different types of orders and attacking merchant ships. Naval battles should be an important component of the whole, as well as amazing. There are PvE and PvEvP modes, the option to play alone or in groups of up to three players. The game supports cross-play function.

Embark on a dangerous haven in Skull and Bones, set in the Indian Ocean in the golden age of piracy. Fight adversity and become a famous pirate by luck. Build unique ships to survive, get rich, and dominate a world immersed in new challenges and opportunities every season.”

skull and bones game

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Skull and Bones premieres this year

How are first impressions? If the material presented to promote Skull and Bones caught your attention, you will also like the information about the release date. Leaks in recent weeks have proven to hold an iota of truth. This year’s Skull and Bones show will begin on November 8, 2022.

What platforms can you play on? For PC (Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect), Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. As you can see, it was decided not to release the game on the previous generation of consoles.

Source: Ubisoft Polska