Martina Derlat is in a mass building phase who has visibly increased her weight in recent weeks. Watch how the Polish bikini fitness competition has changed.


Instagram / / Martina Derlat

Martina Derlat published her current photo on social networking sites, where she presented herself in a bikini. She revealed that in five months her weight increased from 52 to 62 kg.

“How my body changed in 5 months. I am waiting for the final result” – added a Polish fitness woman living in Great Britain.

That’s why Derlat has added some other photos that clearly show her transformation in recent months (see below, tap on the gray arrow on the right to see the rest of the photos).

It turned out that Darlatt weighed 52 kg when she participated in the fitness competition. Currently, it is in the preparation stage for the next season, and is in peak condition in July of this year.

How did the fans respond to this change? “I like it, bravo”, “It’s good”, “Great progress”, “You look great” – we read them in the comments.

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