Impressja Cinema program in Poyannec from Friday 26 February to Sunday 28 February.

Pinocchio France / Great Britain / Italy, allowed from 7 years, fanciful, Friday – 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday – 4 pm One day, a good carpenter named Gepetto fell into a piece of wood. From the start, the man feels that there is some magical power hidden in this seemingly inanimate object. He decided to make a boy out of it. The shape he created unexpectedly comes to life – he can talk, laugh, jump and run. Gibeto Pinocchio calls him and begins to take care of him as if he were his son. The wooden boy is so fascinated by the world around him that he can see him for the first time that he stops listening to his parent’s good advice. Out of curiosity, Pinocchio embarks on a journey filled with adventures, dangers, and life lessons. On his way, he meets a magic fairy, a giant snail, animals that speak with a human voice, and even explores the belly of a huge whale. Geppetto begins to worry in his footsteps. This trip will change their lives forever.

USA “Love Witch”, permitted from age 15, horror, Friday – 7:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday – 7:00 pm Eileen (Samantha Robinson) is a beautiful and young witch who wants to find the love of her life. The problem is that the spells and potions it prepares produce effects slightly different from those expected – the candidates they have treated with are more like unhappy victims than lovers of dreams. So when Eileen finally meets the man of her dreams, her determination will lead her to the brink of madness.

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