The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the imposition of new sanctions against Russia. It will affect 33 Russian oligarchs, famous businessmen and their immediate family members.

Among them are billionaire Roman Abramovich, CEO of Gazprom Alexei Miller, CEO of Rostets Sergey Chemezov.

Australia’s foreign ministry said the sanctioned Russians “have accumulated enormous personal wealth and are of economic and strategic importance to Russia”.

“We strongly support recent statements by Canada, the European Union, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States regarding further restrictive measures against key individuals in Russia,” the Australian government statement said.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Russia officially became the most sanctioned country in the world, ahead of Iran, Syria and North Korea.

According to information from Castellum.AI, the global risk and economic sanctions and export control database, Russia has been subject to more than 6,000 sanctions, of which 3,612 were imposed after February 22 (PAP).

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