Senate Marshal Thomas Grodzky on Wednesday assessed that the government was still trying to deal with the pandemic in a somewhat chaotic manner. According to him, it would be better to develop a plan of three variables depending on the daily number of injuries, and to determine when the departments of the economy will be opened.

On TVN24, Senate Marshall Thomas Grodzky commented on the restrictions announced by Health Minister Adam Niedzelsky on Thursday – the introduction of a “lockdown” in the Farmin-Masurian Prefecture from Saturday.

“I still have the impression that the government is trying to deal with the epidemic in a somewhat messy way,” Grodzky said.

“In Denmark, for example, today there may be only two deaths, but there are nearly 200,000 tests, we have performed 60,000 tests, and we have 12,000 injured, which is a very high rate,” – he pointed out. He added that he had the impression that “there are those in the government who do not fully understand how young people speak.”

In response to a question about whether a government like Great Britain should announce early on which sectors of the economy will be opened, Grodzky admitted that “such a plan should be put in place, because it is a certain indicator for people about how to plan for the coming months.” “But it must be clearly said that it is not always sustainable, because it must be clearly stated that it must interact flexibly based on facts” – he noted.

He admits that it would be better to come up with a backup plan, depending on the number of infections – which would be active, for example, with 5,000 infections per day, what with 10,000, etc. to 15,000, etc.

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He pointed out that “more and more of us have contracted the Coronavirus and more and more people are being vaccinated.” So, he added, “The Three-Year Plan is the basic steps that we must take in the coming months.”

“We spoke as opponents: tests, tests, tests. Now we say: vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate,” – Grodzki pleaded.