A very difficult task for Polish women

Our representatives greatly disappointed their chances of promotion in the previous mini-tournament, in which they lost to Great Britain twice. So the Polish national team has two matches with the strongest player of Belarus in Riga. During the week, our team dramatically defeated the World’s 11th Team at 68:56. Nobody expected such a result, but the victory allowed us to broaden our hopes for the rise, although it will be very difficult for him.

Will they work a miracle?

Today, Polish women are playing with Belarus for the second time. Representatives of our eastern neighbors defeated Great Britain on Thursday, which means that if we are to upgrade, we have to defeat Belarus again, but this time by at least twenty-eight points. The task seems almost impossible in theory. Our opponents today are a first-class team who may want to prove at all costs that the defeat in the first game was an unfortunate accident. How will our kadrowiczki react? Watch the broadcast.

Where to watch the broadcast?

The match between Poland and Belarus will be available online at sport.tvp.pl. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 12:30

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