First time on his Take-Two Interactive plan I remembered Still in 2020. In five years for the company he is going to 93 productions will be released. This number does not change one year after the announcement. However, the issue of the type of addresses included in this pool is different. Originally, the company had planned to release 63 games known as Core Experiences, that is, products that guarantee the highest standard. Additionally, 17 medium click games and 12 regular category games are planned, which probably means mobile games.

The company’s plans have partially changed since then. It appears the company has pulled out of mid-range games. Alternatively, as many as 67 of them are productions that will be major titles, and 23 of them are mobile games. More detailed information is also provided. 26 productions will be based on Free Run Model. 47 out of all the titles planned for the development of existing brands. This number may include new versions of games such as Grand Theft Auto V whether Borderlands 3. However, the company did not share the new information, for which specific addresses can be expected. It was only confirmed that the plan was not threatened.

Take-Two Interactive is one of the leading game developers and publishers in the United States. The company is currently regulated by 2K, Rockstar, and the Private Division. Take-Two’s trademarks include the series Like Grand Theft AutoAnd the civilization whether The mafia.