The latest post of the talented From Software has already made its way to the PlayStation servers. Elden Ring will not fill our discs considering the declared size of the game – the title does not take much. Learn the details.

We have already received concrete today Horizon Forbidden West sizing infoBut there are many indications that From Software’s challenging adventure will cost half the cost of an exclusive aimed at PS5 and PS4.

According to information from PlayStation Game Size – Elden Ring for PS5 requires 44472 GB to download.


Download size: 44472 GB (without first update)

Initial download: February 23

Premiere: February 25th.

We’ll have to wait for the final details until mid-February, but as you can see, the Elden Ring should have a maximum size of 50-55GB (after the first update). However, it is at least twice as many as the previous “from the program” elements.

Will the Elden Ring play in the premiere? There is no shortage of opinions that it will be one of the most important productions of 2022.