in july inform us You that first draft committed By Jade Raymond of Haven Entertainment Studios. It seems that I The as yet unannounced title will provide an extensive web component, allowing community members to create their own content. yes info break up The CEO of the studio in an interview with As he says:

There are three things that really excite me [w brany gier dop. red.]; They are our pillars [studia Haven dop. red.] mixing method. First of all, we treat gaming as a social platform. The pandemic proves that playing together is a powerful social bond. Especially for the younger generation who make friends online and spend a lot of time. () The second confusion about re-confusing generation. We live in an age of self-expression (), we read more of our friends’ blogs than journalists write. [W naszej grze – dop. red.] We want to take this concept to the next level.

The third thing Jade Raymond mentioned is The ability to create an entirely new brand that can last for generations. The CEO of Haven studio has already done it once, as I showed with an example The first installment of the Assassins Creed seriesfor which she and a large part of her current team were responsible.

Then we were thinking of creating a historical framework for everything we say and weaving the killer into it (). We believed that thanks to this, many studios would later be able to work on the brand. Now we have similar assumptions, except that we don’t design the game with professional developers in mind, but with fans.

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Together with Jade Raymond at Haven Entertainment znaleli si including. First screenwriter Kreida killers Corey May (will be responsible for the new production world) and graphic artist Raphael Lacoste (currently Artistic Director). The founder admitted that creating this game was accompanied by a certain charm that she is now feeling again. Given the success of the current Ubisoft brand, this appears to be beneficial for the project. All indications are that we will get a somewhat similar position little big planetAnd dreams or platforms Roblox.