Naughty Dog is working on several major productions, including apparently the new Uncharted. This position was suggested by Christina Marie Drake McBriary, who joined the team in April and is recruiting new developers.

Christina Marie Drake McBurty is one of the new cast of Naughty Dog, who became the main person in charge of recruiting new candidates. However, we can assume that the recruiter wrote a few words too much, because in the first message after joining the studio she mentioned the Uncharted series.

In her LinkedIn post, McBrearty wrote that Searching for talent at all levels And that “It’s unique to be able to create future teams not only for the new titles, but also for the legacy of Uncharted.”.

The words were so surprising that so far no one from Naughty Dog has mentioned the next projects in the Uncharted series. Last year, Jason Schreier announced that Uncharted 5 was already in development, but we haven’t yet received a specific announcement for the game.

As you can see, it looks like Naughty Dog hasn’t given up on the valuable IP, so in the future, count on more ads related to treasure hunter stories.

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