For two days, on Saturday 19 and Sunday, February 20, programming lessons using a photonic robot were held at the Energy Science Center in Kielce Technology Park, which was organized on the occasion of Polish Science Day. On Sunday, there were a lot of people willing to play with the bot.

The Polish Science Day was established on the birthday of Nicholas Copernicus in recognition of his distinguished services in the field of astronomy. This holiday at the Energy Science Center inspired young people to follow in the footsteps of Polish researchers and take an interest in their sciences.

– I really like playing with the robot. Six-year-old Victoria, who participated in the workshops with her mother, said that I was here for the first time, but that she would like to play here again.

The other children were also busy programming the photonic robot.

A team of employees of the Center for Energy Sciences ECN KPT organized special programming classes using the Photon robot. The Photon robot was created by Paul, who are four BIT alumni: Marcin Juka, Mishaw Gritzuk, Krzysztof Dzimiaochuk, and Mishaw Bogoki. He teaches programming from an early age. It has many functions. It detects light, touch, and obstacles and measures the distance traveled. These are just some of its possibilities.

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