George Russell and Lewis Hamilton have been part of the Mercedes driver duo since this season. The young Briton ensures that he will not conflict with his nicknamed compatriot. Moreover, in his opinion, Hamilton lost the title last season.

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George Russell (left) and Lewis Hamilton

Press materials / Mercedes / Pictured: George Russell (left) and Lewis Hamilton

Many fans are wondering what Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s Mercedes collaboration will look like in the 2022 season. In recent years, the older Briton has had no internal competition, with Valtteri Bottas being reduced to second driver. Russell, considered a talent and successor to Hamilton, could change that.

The 24-year-old has emphasized in several interviews that he has no intention of creating internal tensions while teaming up with Hamilton. This is evidenced by the latest words of Russell, who spoke about the conditions for the end of the 2021 season. The Abu Dhabi race final sparked a lot of controversy over the championship title for Max Verstappen, which the Mercedes management still could not cope with. .

Lewis had this race under complete control. ‘All he had to do was take the win to the finish line and he would be the eight-time world champion,’ said the new Mercedes driver, quoted by, and he was brutally snatched away.

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According to Russell, the racing department made a mistake on the last lap when it allowed some drivers to repeat themselves and call the safety car off the track, allowing Verstappen to attack Hamilton. “This mistake cost Lewis his title,” Russell noted.

Errors occur when it is hot and under pressure. Emotions were huge then. In sports, the pressure is always there and it’s enormous for athletes, coaches, managers, engineers, judges, and racing directors. We all came to the conclusion that what happened in Abu Dhabi was a mistake. This is why there was a change in the Racing Director recently – the British driver’s rating.

Russell believes that changing his role as racing director and launching a virtual committee that will help referees like VAR in football will improve the situation in F1. – The FIA ​​was very active after the Abu Dhabi World Race to find better solutions. Bringing VAR into F1 is a great idea. This makes sense because people will analyze the replay on a regular basis, the judges will receive more data and they will have a better view of the case, a Mercedes representative said.

– We’ve made progress in many areas, new technology is emerging, so the FIA ​​has to keep up with that as well, because every driver and team will look for a way to get an advantage over the opponent. It would take some time to fine tune this, Russell concluded, but a step in the right direction was taken.

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