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He also explains Lydia RosinskaPodlini, Director of the Municipal Art Gallery in Zakopane, the main goal of Salon Mars is to present the most prominent names of Polish artists. “We will return to this main idea, to introduce the prominent names,” he says. – This year, one of the most prominent Polish artists – painter, painter and sculptor – Joseph Wilko will present his work for the first time in Zakopane – he adds.

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Józef Wilkoń’s profile

“Wilko’s artistic insights do not fit the classical definition of illustration, this term inadequately and inaccurately describing the wealth of means employed by the artist. When analyzing Joseph Wilko’s creative production in the past, one might get the impression that the literary text, poetic phrase, and lyrical metaphor is not Only a pretext. For the emanation of the author’s visions in independent painting, drawing and sculpture. These visions will fill the space of the city’s art gallery, testifying to the artist’s remarkable path. He has traveled over decades, from passionate calligraphic gestures to the creation of spatial forms ”- confirms Lydia Rosinska Podlini.

Screening of films about art

Screening films on art accompanying the March Salon will give the audience an unprecedented opportunity to broaden the exhibition’s perspective through a deeper look into the character and workshop of Joseph Wilko. Film screenings will be held in the cinema hall to suit the needs of the cinemas. Among the films on display, you will be able to watch them, among others the documentary on the artist “Behind the Door of Imagination Joseph Wilko” directed by Anna Guetta Chiuskiewicz, or the film “Joseph Welkosh Arc” produced by the J Wilko Foundation and the animated film “Rybak Na” Deny Morza, “directed by Lesik Guidesz, for younger viewers.”

Film screenings and the exhibition itself will also be made more attractive through educational workshops for children and teenagers. Plans include illustration, drawing, and sculpting workshops, during which participants will travel into the world of fairy tales, and create their own illustrations, books, or spatial figures.

The exhibition will be available from March 20 to May 22, 2021.

March 2021 salon and film screening. Joseph Wilko. Clarification. Sculpture. Movie. Profile: Zakopane Cultural Center

📍 March 2021 Salon and screening of films about art. Joseph Wilko. Clarification. Sculpture. Movie. 📍 From March 20, space …

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“Radiobook” is a new project of the Polish Radio Music Agency, which aims to present the most outstanding literary works in the audiobook version. Every Monday, new titles are published, which Karim de la Creme reads for the Polish acting scene.

Radio Books are available free of charge on the new YouTube channel and Facebook. It will also appear on websites with audiobooks (Empik Go, Storytel, and Audioteka) as part of user subscriptions.


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