Meeting of the Minister of Education and Science with representatives of the Polish-Ukrainian project “Dumka i mazurek”


Today is August 20 this year. Minister Przemyslaw Czarnik met with representatives of the “Domka and Mazurek” project, which is implemented within the framework of the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council program. The ceremony was also attended by young people who participated in the event. During the meeting, the minister handed computers to representatives of the Polish Cultural Association. Tadeusz Kościuszko in Lutsk.

The “Dumka i mazurek” project lasted for 10 days. Its main goal was the integration of Polish and Ukrainian youth. At the end of the event, a bilingual log was published with the daily accounts of the participants. The project was funded by the Ministry of Education and Science in the amount of PLN 64,000.

Polish Culture Association T. Kościuszko in uck

The school run by the Tadeusz Kościuszko Association for Polish Culture was founded in Łuck in 1989. Its main task is to teach the Polish language and to impart knowledge about Poland abroad to children and youth in Ukraine. Polish lessons are available to students of all age groups.

Teaching aids for young people who learn Polish in Ukraine

As part of the activities of the Polish Culture Association Tadeusza Kościuszko in Łuck, it is possible to make Polish textbooks available to young people studying there. In addition to textbooks, teachers are also equipped with teaching aids useful in teaching the Polish language.

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