We talked about an increase in the US military presence in Poland, as well as the so-called $40 billion bill that passed the House that evening — Secretary of State Marcin Przydać reported on social media after a meeting with Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives.

On Wednesday, Przydacz reported on Twitter that during his visit to Washington, he had the opportunity to speak with him Speaker of Parliament.

in the margins Munich Security Conference Leaders Conference He had the opportunity to have a short conversation on Capitol Hill with Nancy Pelosi. We talked about increasing the US military presence in Poland, as well as the so-called Przydacz wrote that the $40 billion bill (designated to help Ukraine) was approved by the House of Representatives that evening.

The deputy head of Polish diplomacy is currently in Washington, where he is participating in a meeting of leaders of the Munich Security Conference. Wednesday’s meeting will also include his counterparts at the US State Department and White House, including National Security Council Director for Europe Amanda Sloot.

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