The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II It began on February 6, the 70th anniversary of her accession to the British throne, and will run until June, when world government leaders travel to London to express their wishes and congratulations.

The phenomenon of the British Queen, the longest serving head of state in the world, as well as the longest reigning monarch of Great Britain, after the record holder, Queen Victoria, fascinates millions of people in the world. Many of the King’s secrets have been revealed through the record-breaking popular series “The Crown,” but there are still secrets to be discovered. On the occasion of the BBC’s Platinum Jubilee, a real gift for the Queen’s fans…

On May 29, the documentary “Elizabeth: The Invisible Queen” will be shown, the authors of which managed to convince the Windsor family Share private photos and recordingsso far reserved for immediate family members only.

There is a lot of material, because Queen Elizabeth II was a passionate documentary filmmaker and on less formal occasions, the ones that the royal paparazzi did not support, Hold the camera or camcorder by herself. The BBC is proud to have, with the Queen’s approval, access to more than 400 private films, held in the archives of the British Film Institute.

The private collections are mostly films produced by Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, who were more fascinated by technical novelties than they were, but the most emotional of recordings were the recordings that arrived The early years of the British monarch’s lifeFrom childhood to coronation. Apparently, a recording of Prince Philip’s visit to Balmoral Castle will also be shown He was engaged to the future queen. The video allegedly shows Princess Elizabeth showing her engagement ring to the camera. British television is very proud of him, because he attached one of the clips to the official announcement, in which he boasts of his latest documentary.

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There are still more than two weeks to air, but it can already be predicted that the film will attract millions of viewers in front of television sets.

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