“Kristan and Anastasia will take the ultimate test to determine the strength of their relationship.” – We read on the publisher’s website. EL James’ latest book, Fifty Shades Freed As Christian Narrated, will be a summary of the events of the previous two parts as Christian sees it.

Elle James: Creativity

The British writer became famous for her famous erotic novel,Fifty Shades of Gray.. Interestingly, Elle James She started her career as an author Fan fictionWhich she posted on websites under the pseudonym Snowqueens Icedragon. Her first novel and follow-ups in the form of: ‘The dark side of gray’ And the ‘New gray face’And cinematic trilogy. Despite the wave of criticism, both the books and movies were box office successes worldwide. EL James is listed in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People and won the prestigious National Book Award for her debut novel.

EL James: The Final Part of the Trilogy

Novel titled, Fifty Shades has been edited as narrated by Christian. It will be the first show The first of June in the UK. The final part will be released by Bloom Books. How will the fate of Anastasia and Christian develop? On the publisher’s website, we can only read that they will undergo the final test that will determine the strength of their relationship. EL James decided an unusual role model – the whole event will be presented from Christian Gray’s perspective.

“This story was born out of a love of my readers who were waiting impatiently. For me, for Anastasi Steele, Christian is a wonderful person, full of challenges and at the same time annoying. Sitting in his head is exhausting because I had to develop aspects of his life that only appeared briefly. In the trilogy, the thread of his emotions is a response to Anna’s love and tenderness. “

Let us remind you that the first novel was authored Elle James Fifty Shades of GrayMore than 150 million copies have been sold worldwide and have been adapted into a series of films that have crossed a billion dollars. Will the final part of the trilogy succeed as well? We will discover soon …