The famous heiress to the hotel fortune will not become the second Nigella Lawson, and Netflix certainly will not help her in that. As reported by Deadline, the heads of the broadcasting platform decided that the “Cooking with Paris” program would not continue. This means that the Paris Hilton-hosted cooking show will end with one season of six episodes.

Flipping burgers with a shimmering crystal spoon, and preparing dishes in elegant creations with typical Paris Hilton frivolity, has never been so unsatisfactory for users of the streaming platform Netflix. The culinary show “Cooking with Paris” full of luxury and glamor will not last. The Paris Hilton show, which premiered last August, was created for one season only.

The Netflix chiefs’ decision is not surprising. Surprisingly, last year they decided to make Paris Hilton the host of the culinary program. Everyone who watched one of the episodes of the reality show “The Simple Life” with Nicole Richie and Paris, knew about her experience in the kitchen. When Hiltonówna was asked to prepare a meal, he fried his bacon using… an iron. Of course, this innovative approach to cooking can be blamed, or if you prefer, the comedic convention of the “Simple Life” show. But “Cooking with Paris” showed that, despite the passing of the years, the heiress to the hotel fortune has a faint idea of ​​u200bu200bcooking, and the masks are inexperienced in frivolity. The problem is that fans of cooking shows expect professionalism, not frivolity.

There’s one Paris Hilton that can’t be denied – she took care of a chic entourage on her show. She cooked in expensive clothes, used trinket-lined kitchen utensils, and served her dishes to celebrities invited to the studio, including Kim Kardashian and Demi Lovato. That was enough for a short while, because the show appeared in the Top 10 on Netflix, but only for a short time. Although Netflix has not officially announced the reason for the decision to end production of “Cooking with Paris,” it can be speculated that it was due to the poor viewership of this program. (life PAP)

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