Haas could be the biggest surprise of the 2022 F1 season. Experts expect the Americans to fight through the dangers. But some people are skeptical that the team made their own car. It is starkly similar to Ferrari’s design.

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Haas has been with Ferrari since its inception in Formula 1. The American team uses regulations that allow you to buy some components directly from competitors, which some competitors don’t like right from the start. Years ago, Fernando Alonso called Haas a “Ferrari replica”.

Haas has done poorly in Formula One in the past two seasons, and the controversy surrounding his close relationship with Ferrari has been somewhat forgotten. However, they may return in the 2022 season, as relations between the two companies are getting closer.

In Maranello, a Haas development center has been built right next door to the Ferrari factory. Engineers who had to leave the company as a result of the introduction of a spending cap in F1 and the Italian giant’s budget cuts have found jobs there. – The new Haas is a copy of Ferrari. You can see it from the center to the back of the car, former F1 driver Christian Danner of Sport1 said.

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Competitors feel the same way. – I don’t want to talk specifically about Haas and Ferrari. However, it is no secret that regulations allow for such close alliances in F1. What is happening raises our concerns – said Andreas Seidl, CEO of McLaren, who is of the opinion that each team should be an independent builder and build machines on their own.

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Haas’ close relationship with Ferrari means that Mick Schumacher has a place on the American team from the 2021 season. The young German is a member of the Italian company’s talent academy, as well as the Maranello stable reserve. Given the announced increase in team form, the coming months could be crucial for Michael Schumacher’s son.

– I know where I stand and what I can do. Already in 2020, I’ve been testing with Haas, learning the team. Now I’ll have an even bigger comparison, because my team partner is an experienced Magnussen. I can only take advantage of it – 22 year old rating.

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