Three years after Donald Trump ordered a crackdown on illegal immigrants crossing into the US, lawyers are still struggling to find parents of 545 children separated from them by law. “No-tolerance policy, According to the American Civil Liberties Union.

In the court filing, The American Civil Liberties Union said that about two-thirds of parents have been deported to their home countries in Central America, leaving their separated children behind. In the rush to implement Trump’s orders, the parental sites have not been registered and three years later they still cannot be found.

It was a zero tolerance policy Advertise In April 2018. It was later revealed that the administration had begun separating families the previous year as part of a secret pilot program.

In total, the United States government removed 1,030 children from their parents under this pilot scheme, of whom 485 were found to have parents under a scheme imposed by federal judges. The ACLU and a team of attorneys have been commissioned by the courts to find all of the parents.

Under the pilot scheme, about 66% of separated parents were deported to Central America before a court order was imposed on them. Trump administration To find them. The coronavirus pandemic has impeded the search for parents, who are called “inaccessible” in the court document.

The ongoing suffering of hundreds of children and their parents who lost each other as a result of government action three years after the event caused widespread anger and disgust. Paula Luizi, director of the coalition of nearly 250 groups, Families Belong, said efforts will continue to find parents until they are all found.

The Trump administration removed 545 children from their parents, lied about it, and then lost track of them because they left them in danger. This is equal to the path of the sadistic immigration system. “

Said Lee Gillert, deputy director of the Immigrant Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union NBC News: “We will not stop searching until we find each of the families, no matter how long it takes. The tragic fact is that hundreds of parents were deported to Central America without their children, who remained here with foster families or distant relatives.”

The family break-up was one of the most profound consequences of the Trump administration’s brutal attack on illegal border crossing. The goal of the zero-tolerance policy was the criminal prosecution of every immigrant who entered the United States without permission – regardless of the consequences for their families including their children.

The full horror of the administration’s intentions was revealed only earlier this month when The New York Times I mentioned previously unrelated communications between senior officials. “We need to take the kids,” Jeff Sessions, the US attorney at the time, told prosecutors on a conference call in May 2018.

Notes about the call received by one of the participants added: “If you care about children, do not bring them. You will not grant amnesty to people with children.”

AG deputy then, Rod Rosenstein, told prosecutors at the time that children should be extracted from their parents no matter how young they were – even if they were children.

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