Paradox Interactive is the hottest PC producer of 4X turn-based strategies, the work of which is played by millions of players from all over the world. Now the company has decided to reorganize its structures and unfortunately one of the major games has been suspended.

Currently, Paradox Development Studio is working on up to four major strategic productions, which have been constantly expanded with new paid and free content, thanks to which the community of all of them is still satisfied with the really good plugins.

Unfortunately, Paradox took the difficult decision to realign its structures, and as a result the PDS was divided into only three main sections. PSD Green will continue to develop Space Stellaris, PDS Red will be commissioned to work on Crusader Kings III, and PDS Gold will be responsible for Hearts of Iron IV.

Unfortunately, the Fourth Division had not been established yet, so Emperor: Rome was temporarily “suspended”. What does this mean, exactly? Until the company creates a new studio, the production in question will not receive any new content. Unfortunately, from a business point of view, this is completely understandable – Rome has practically not shot anyone, because in its prime moments lately, Paradox’s work has played 1.5 thousand people, while the second worst result from the top four is as many as 16 thousand. Belongs to the Crusader Kings III.