Outriders divide journalists, but People Can Fly wants to eliminate its biggest production problems in the near future. The studio just announced a major correction that will be released next week. The developers want to find as many server errors as possible to fix them, and then test the update well – so the game works great on every platform. The studio assures that a fixed correction will be released as soon as possible.

The developers confirm that the team has been working throughout Easter to ensure players enjoy a peaceful gameplay – The problem was not with server capacity, but with an externally managed database:

“Our team is working throughout Easter to fix the server issues you’re encountering. We understand how frustrating this experience can be. We have sufficient server capacity, but we’ve noticed issues with our externally managed database.”
We support full disclosure to you today and in recent years.
Therefore, we do not bring you the sample “We did not expect such a load on the servers”.

In fact, we ran into a complex problem: Why did some access requests move directly to our externally managed database? We have never encountered this problem before with the beta version. Our database is used to store information about all the legends you have acquired and your progress in the game. ”

Players can count on that The upcoming correction will positively affect the stability and connectivity of online gaming:

“ Cooperative play and team play sessions are very different from communication in single-player play.
Multiple partners and services are required to start a multiplayer game. For example, communication and queuing is provided by one of the partners while peer-to-peer communication is provided by another. Other components are provided by other partners. This is normal for multiplayer games, but it is important to mention because when we are tracking multiplayer or co-op issues, we need to know exactly where the error is occurring.
The upcoming patches should help eliminate crashes in multiplayer as well as improve the overall stability and loading speed of the game. Due to the complex structure of multiplayer systems, we will continue to improve it to give you the best possible experience. In most cases, it was already fixed on the server side, without game patching, but we still kept our finger on the pulse. “

The developers are aware of this Outriders’ premiere should look better which is why the Community Appreciation Pack has been created. In simple terms, the developers want to make a little gift, but we at least haven’t learned its details for now:

“After more than 5 years working on Outriders, we felt uncomfortable that the premiere wasn’t what it should be. We had connectivity issues, which we explain better below.

Throughout this time, we have been greatly appreciating all the messages full of support and commitment that have helped us through this difficult situation.

We would like to thank each of you. However, lest these be just empty words, we can confirm that we are working on a small “appreciation pack” for the players who have been with us from the start. We are constantly working on its details, but we’d like to:

  • It was there for everyone who played between March 31 and April 11
  • All players who restored their stock after cleaning had (LINK)
  • Receive your character at the highest level:
  • Level-appropriate legendary weapons
  • An appropriate amount of titanium depending on the level
  • Frustrated expressions, which are not available now. We did not plan for this paradox, but since it turned out like this ….

These are our plans, but they are subject to change with consideration of time and technical capabilities. “

This is how the first patch notes look:

  • Improved performance when GPU memory is not completely used up. This should help with clipping and DX11 / 12 issues
  • Once all platforms are updated with the same patch, cross-play between them will be available again
  • Improve overall stability in matchmaking
  • Fixed crashes

    • Fixes a multiplayer bug that was wiping out player’s inventory
    • Fix the crash after completing the Bad Day side task.
    • Fixed a crash in No Man’s Land when the language was set to Spanish (yes, we know. The video game icon is strange).
    • Fix the crash when loading the game
    • Lots of “random” crashes have been fixed.
    • We are confident that these fixes will fix most of the crashes that I reported due to many causes and they happen in several different places.
  • HUD repair disappear in a few cases
  • Fixed a bug that broke players on multiplayer expeditions
  • Fixed issues where players could get stuck in the environment (also thanks to using Gravity Jump) or be cut off from the world.
  • Change the default reconciliation setting from “open” to “closed”.
    • You will still be able to change the setting to “open” via the options menu
    • This change aims to prevent players from joining a game in which the host does not intend to communicate with other people. The number of AFK lounges will also decrease.
    • This will also help speed up the search time for games as the queues will be free of a large number of sessions incorrectly marked as “open.”
  • Lots of other fixes and smaller patches
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People who could fly for the inquisitive also introduced the more technical aspect of the Outriders communication problem:

We managed to get to the point where a lot of the data sent to the server was not managed by the RAM, but in an alternate way it was too slow to keep that amount of data flowing smoothly. When data is queued too far from the server, the connection fails. Understanding why RAM was not being used was a huge challenge for us and we had to seek help from several partners to finally get to the root cause.

We spent more than two days and two nights making a lot of potential changes and improvements: We doubled the database space on the server and shrunk it to 50% of what it was before (“scale and scale”). We’ve moved and rebalanced player profiles and inventories on the new server. Besides expanding the database, we also increased IOPS for all servers by around 40%. We’ve also raised the share of the database, increased the number of database parts (not anomalous ones), and did everything we could to force data transfer to RAM. Each of these steps helped, but it was not the “solution” we had hoped for.

At this point we are awaiting the final solution from our partners, but what really helped was the database cache cleaning setup which was performed every 60 seconds. With this reluctance, cleaning required a great deal of operating power resulting in the aforementioned issues in transferring data to RAM, resulting in snowball effect and connection issues that you were facing.

We reconfigured the base cleaning to be more frequent and with fewer resources, causing everything to start working satisfactorily.

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