In the women’s 800-meter event, Poland won medals by Joanna Jovic and Angelica Sechuca. Polish women surrendered to Kelly Hodgkinson of Great Britain, but won silver and bronze medals in the European Indoor Championships.

Joanna Jovic was one of the favorites. Although she returned to the track after a long hiatus, she presented herself in great style throughout the competition. The Polish entered the semi-finals for the first time, taking a major “Q” in the knockout round. She competed in the third series against incl. Irene Baldessari is from Italy. The battle for first place was very exciting, but experienced Jóźwik did not allow her to take the initiative. She reached the finish line in time 2: 05.19, beating the Italian by over twenty seconds.
It was time for the semi-finals – the Polish participated in the second qualifying round and was also unbeaten there. She appeared first at the finish line again, improving her time from elimination to a score of 2: 03.15.

In the final match, Jóźwik met the second Polish actress, Angelika Cichocka. Our second opponent’s performance was also excellent, because in the knockout round I fought an intense battle with Eli Baker from Great Britain, and in the semi-final after a fierce battle she was the first to finish the match with a time of 2: 03.19.

Both Polish women started the final showdown very well. Joanna Jovic ran alongside Britain’s Hodgkinson, and Angelica Sishuka was directly behind them. The last 200 meters was very exciting, because the fighting continued to the last centimeters. In the end, it was the British actor who sped up and maintained a safe distance all the way to the finish line. Polish women scored double and added two European Indoor Championships medals to the roster. Joanna Jóźwik at 2:04.00 and Angelika Cichocka at 2:04.15.

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  1. Kelly Hodgkinson – UK – 2: 03.88
  2. Joanna Jóźwik – Poland – 2 04.00
  3. Angelika Cichocka – POLAND – 2:04:15
  4. Eli Baker – UK – 2:04:40
  5. Laure Hoffmann – Switzerland – 2: 04.84
  6. Isabel Bovey – Great Britain – 2:07:26

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