A 17-year-old Lamborghini driver was charged on Wednesday 7 April in connection with a tragic road accident on February 2021 in Los Angeles, USA.

Tragedy in the United States. 17 years old charged

According to US law, information about the specific classification of the crime and the allegations the 17-year-old heard given the suspect’s age will not be made public, the Office of the Attorney General said.

This will only be possible after he is charged. The case is due to go to trial on April 23 at the Juvenile Court in Englewood. US services only indicate that the 17-year-old may be charged with premeditated murder.

The tragic accident occurred on February 17th in Los Angeles, USA. At around 5 PM in the west of town, Lamborghini and Lexus collide. Police, firefighters and emergency services were immediately called to the scene.

United States of America. A tragic accident. The 32-year-old died

As a result of the collision, Lexus was completely destroyed. The 32-year-old woman who was driving was removed, but the attempt to resuscitate was unsuccessful. The woman died.

According to the results of the Los Angeles Police, the 17-year-old was driving very fast. “This accident is a plea to drivers to take their feet off the gas,” said Captain Brian Windling of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The family of the deceased, 32, demanded that the 17-year-old be punished. Several weeks ago, there were demonstrations aimed at imposing severe punishment on the perpetrator of the accident. – I want him to take responsibility for his actions – said the mother of the deceased on “Good Morning America”.

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