Outriders From People Can Fly studio it turned out to be absolute Best seller Steam is in its first week of launch. It was popular production Surprised Even its creator. The Polish shooter’s success was dwarfed by several technical problems ?? Especially when players lose their acquired equipment. The developers reacted quickly, and yesterday dostali ?? The first big patch ?? Which, however, did not remove the annoying error.

In the address assigned to it Course Get on Reddit quickly It has appeared A sea of ​​entries from disappointed players. Here are some examples:

All gone, 94 hours of gameplay lost and nearly complete the build stock. What is that ?? art.

I played for 30 years and it never occurred to me that I devoted 50 hours to being nothing. Fatal error.

My clipboard has been erased. I thought it was the safest place to keep my equipment (??). Over 50 legendary and epic items lost. This is too much for me. Even single player play is not safe. No other broken game I’ve tried to love that much, but it’s over.

I quit too? For several reasons. Among them is the fear of losing progress.

However, I intend to closely monitor the developers’ work on social media, because if I get a game in bad shape for $ 60, they definitely don’t deserve a respite.

This isn’t a free-to-play crap that people will give up on, unless they’re a Game Pass user.

The complexity of the players appears to be fully justified and not surprising. Creative people They have promised admittedly Participate Restore lost items, as well as compensation in the form of Legendary Stock Packs, but if they continue that way, they might have no one to deliver.

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The fast flow of players, especially from broken titles, is nothing new ?? remind the first show Cyberpunk 2077.In the case of People Can Fly, this could be partly due to the game’s presence on the Xbox Game Pass. Let’s hope the Polish studio stops this reason soon? And reduce human losses ?? Otherwise, the address Exits It might take on a new meaning.