Węgrzycki-Szymczyk won the European runner-up title in Poznan six months ago. In the final race in Varese, he trailed long behind the top three and appears to be unable to advance again on the podium. Thanks to an excellent finish, AZS AWF Warszawa was just half a second ahead of Greek Stefanos Ntouskos in the final meters.

I admit that after getting across the finish line I didn’t know where I got from. I am very happy with this medal, as all these finals have Olympic qualifications, I will fight for it. Go on, I think I’ll be able to polish this model – Wgrzycki-Szymczyk summed up.

After two years of rest, Mikoajczewski won again the European Championship medal, which took second place in Lucerne. In Switzerland, he lost only to Hungary’s Peter Gallampus, who also triumphed in Varese. Since those races, Gop Go competitor Kruszwica swam in the doubles team with Jerzy Kowalski and during the World Cup in Linz in 2019 they won a pass to the Olympic Games in Tokyo (a lightweight song that is not an Olympic competition).

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In Italy, due to Kowalski’s disease, Mikołajczewski again turned into first place. In Friday’s race, he takes last place, but his actions have grown with each new start. In the Hungarian final he was just 0.2 seconds out of reach of Italian Gabriel Soares.

– Old + Arthur is back from one, long after swimming on two, but I’m a little pissed off to let the Italian pass. This Saturday rematch had a hard time, but it also turned out to be a bonus. In fact, I only got into # 1 last week, this start was a bit like + wild + and + crazy +, but I really wanted the performance. Now I’m waiting for Jurek, we’re going back to Monday and getting ready for Tokyo – said Mikołajczewski

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Also close to the podium was the four-man duo (Fabian Baraski, Victor Chappelle, Dominic Chaga, Simon Benschka), who fought for the bronze medal with Estonia until the last meters. In the end, the Polish team lost third place, by 0.74 seconds. The Italians won the race ahead of the Dutch.

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The 2019 world champions – the four without a captain in Italy, began with a changing line-up. Mathews Willangovsky, Mikojaj Burda and Mishau Szpakowski were joined by ukasz Posyłajka, who replaced the injured Marcin Brzeziński. In this case, the Poles were not the favorites and finished the final race in fifth place. The British were victorious over the Romanians and Italians. Mateusz Biskup and Miroslav Zytarsky finished in the same position as they secured a brace. The settlement by France was victorious in this competition, ahead of the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The female crew performed below expectations. The four doubles won medals from almost every international competition, while the Polish women: Marta Veliko, Maria Sajdak, Katarzina Zilman, Katarzyna Porush, won the final and were ranked seventh. A certain justification for the poor performance was the problems of the crew – Agnieszka Kobus-Zawojska was forced to stay in the country due to illness, and she was replaced by Boruch. Zillmann, on the other hand, had to rest after a wrist injury, but due to her friend’s absence, she joined the settlement at the last minute.

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The four without a captain (Monica Chapelle, Olga Michaykevich, Maria Wiersbowska, Joanna Dittman) did not qualify for the top six of the boat races, and in the final B she was in third place.

In lightweight, Weronika Deresz won the B final in first place, likewise to Jacqueline Stelmaszyk and Wiktoria Kalinowska in a duo.

At the same time, the European Paralympic Championships were held in Varese. Jolanta Majka and Michał Gadowski’s combination did the best, finishing fourth. More than 600 competitors from 39 countries participated in the regatta.

Last year in Poznan at the Old Continent Championship, the Poles won three medals – one silver and one bronze.