Nearly a year ago, California Gov. Gavin Newsom banned indoor church services in regions with the highest risk of contracting the coronavirus. Several lawsuits have been filed in this case challenging these restrictions.

The Supreme Court took care of her. Five conservative judges agreed that California’s restrictions banning all kinds of gatherings in private homes violated the Constitution.

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The majority of the judges quoted explained: “California treats some similar secular activities better than local religious practices, allowing hairdressing salons, retail stores, personal care services, and movie theaters … to bring together members of more than three families at once.” By the hill. “

Moreover, the judges noted that in its ruling, the lower court “did not find that these activities pose a lesser risk of transmission than the practice of religious rites at home.”

Four liberal judges opposed such a ruling. One argued that “if the state also limits all secular home gatherings to members of three families, it complies with the First Amendment.”

“This is what the state is doing – it has adopted general restrictions on all kinds of home gatherings, both religious and secular,” she added.

ródło: “The Hill”, “Forbes”

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