What is the originator region?

The Originator District is an easily accessible and open area that is open to the needs of innovators, inventors, visionaries, students, researchers, and enthusiasts of new science and technology, a space to work on innovative solutions, experiment, experiment and test, and the free exchange of knowledge, inspiration and communication. Creators can check the marketing, technological and commercial potential of their ideas in one place, with free access to the necessary technological infrastructure and equipment (labs, static and / or mobile prototypes). A network of experts with expertise from various fields will provide expert and tailored advice.

The originator region consists of the following components:

  • Originator Support Zones,
  • An area for people interested in innovation and families.

A detailed description of the originator region principles is included in Appendix 1 of the regulations.

The innovators will be able to use the area in April 2021.

The duration of the pilot

The pilot project must be completed Until June 30, 2023


The funding level for eligible expenses is 100%.
The total amount of funds allocated for the co-financing of the project is a maximum of 5,000,000.00 PLN

Who can get a grant?

The applicant may be a legal person whose purpose, according to the statute, statute or any other document stipulated by law, is to support innovative activities and / or innovative business ventures. The applicant may also be a federation of the aforementioned legal entities.

Beneficiary – The project operator may be an organization or consortium that meets the evaluation criteria specified in the competition regulations.

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What can I get a grant for?

Funding aims primarily to:

  1. Wages of persons directly involved in the implementation of the project, including unpaid labor costs, social and health insurance contributions,
  2. Business trips of people directly involved in carrying out the task,
  3. Costs of consulting, expertise, training and legal services related to the implementation and administration of the program;
  4. Costs of organizing training courses, workshops and meetings.
  5. The costs of renting the machinery, equipment and devices needed to perform the job;
  6. Costs of purchasing furniture or equipment needed to achieve mission objectives,
  7. Costs of necessary works related to space rearrangement, HVAC works, certificates and programs,
  8. The costs of renting or maintaining the buildings needed to perform the task, in proportion to the actual use of office space to perform the task:
  • Costs of rent, rent or depreciation of buildings,
  • Utility costs (electricity, gas, heating and water),
  • Cleaning costs and building security,
  • Property insurance costs,
  • Waste disposal costs,
  • Costs of periodic maintenance and inspection of equipment;
  • Information technology service costs, costs related to designing, creating, maintaining and developing ICT tools;
  • Administrative costs (such as postal services, telephone services, postage fees, office supplies, and printing services to the extent necessary to perform the task);
  • Costs of organizing and implementing information and promotional activities.

Level of expense financing

100% of accrued expenses

How to apply

The application prepared in Polish must be submitted to the Ministry in an electronic copy (electronic signature) at the email address: [email protected]

Project selection criteria

The application will be evaluated on the basis of the evaluation criteria stipulated in the appendix of the competition regulations.

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Other important information

Applicants are not entitled to challenge a negative decision to award a grant.

questions and answers

Questions can be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected], with the heading “Question – 2.4.1 OP IR, Originator Area”.