While vaccinations are highly promoted in other countries, people in our country still die from lack of vaccines. When will we finally go to modern Germany? Asks the editor of “Welt” newspaper in its editorial comment on the current epidemiological situation.

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Israel is the master of vaccination. “

First, the good news: Israel is the vaccine champion. Since the security of Israel is also the reason for the German presence, we are happy that 12.5 percent of the population there has already been vaccinated. The UK and US are doing well, and now Denmark too. Ironically, the three countries whose prime ministers hate in the country – Netanyahu, Trump and Johnson – show how thousands of lives can be saved while dying in Germany.

Did Ulf Bouchardt write in a text entitled “The Blame of German Politics is Unprecedented”?

Berlin’s problems

As with the loss of control during the 2015 refugee crisis, the federal government and the chancellor show surprising weaknesses in dealing with crises.

-We read.

The stigma of German politics and administration is second to none

– says Bouchardt

While the vaccination sites in Israel are running smoothly, county offices in hotspots like Neukoelln (the Berlin area hit hard by the epidemic – Editor’s note) are not even able to report the number of new infections per day.

Note the publicity.

The vaccine is missing everywhere, and if 60 doses are vaccinated daily in Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde, then the entire population will be vaccinated until 2033.


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And we, Germany, want to be leaders in Europe? “

Bouchart also writes about the mistakes made by the European Union.

The European Union’s failure to buy is one thing. Another issue is the attitude of the French when purchasing a vaccine. The next thing to do is make vaccine doses available – while hundreds of billions of dollars are dumped into the state’s aid. It is the series of embarrassment and incompetence that Europe presents on the international stage, even if the Danes show that despite the European Union, things can improve. Do we Germany want to be leaders in Europe?

– Propaganda asks.

With our administration, our offices and our fax office infrastructure, our “business as usual” comfortable?


Criticism of the German media

The editor-in-chief of Welt also draws attention to the role of the German media during the crisis.

Instead of asking critical questions, the vast majority of journalists, especially in subscription fee-funded media, focus on acquitting the rulers. Some urge us not to create bad moods through critical texts

– they write.

The same environments that want to decide on meat eating, vacations, daily language and lifestyle protect the powerful while ironically placing more personal responsibility on the shoulders of citizens – and despise those who flee the ski slopes.

– writes “Felt”.

2021 is the year of elections. It should be used to launch towards a different, more modern, business and digital Germany

Includes Olf Bouchardt.