Oppo Find N is by far the coolest phone I’ve ever tested. Today we learned that it could debut in the world as the flagship of OnePlus. I won’t hear anything better today.

Until now, I thought the upcoming calls of 2022 were the most interesting to me none phone 1 And iPhone 14 Max. And I still think so, but if today’s leak turns out to be real, the OnePlus flagship might eventually steal my heart. may be true.

Oppo Find N should be OnePlus’ flagship and foldable

Usually, in order to rebrand between OnePlus and Oppo (and even between OnePlus and realme), we just wave our hand, because they are exactly the same smartphones. It’s different when OnePlus gives global distribution a model that Oppo has retained only for China. Today’s leak says that the Oppo Find N in an almost unchanged form will debut as the first foldable OnePlus smartphone.

Oppo Find N / photo: gsmManiaK.pl

almost unchanged? The source says that there is only one difference between them. Maybe this is the system but unfortunately I have another candidate. This is the only scenario in which the Oppo find N will disappear as OnePlus will disappear from my dream phone list. You probably already know that I mean therapist. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is a failure and could completely destroy this great flagship.

Why do I choose? Well, because while testing the Oppo Find N, I had the opportunity to experience very high temperatures while gaming and charging at the same time. SD8G1 gets hotter and uses more power. I could only dream of a OnePlus Will reach one of the best MediaTekBut that would probably be very good for a day.

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Why do I think so Oppo Find Inn Is it the best foldable smartphone and one of the best phones ever? You will learn this by reading my review. I’ve had the opportunity to test it out for several days and am totally intrigued by it.

test | Oppo Find N is the best phone in the history of space